Using Photo Contests to Increase Instagram Followers

As soon as you download Instagram application to your mobile device and create your private account, it is time to start using this app. You can post numerous photos, create interesting and funny photo collages, share all this stuff with your friends, relatives and other followers. Instagram establishes a lot of interesting photo contests in which you can participate. Hosting such photo contests can increase your Instagram account popularity. Lots of new followers will be attracted by famous photos which they saw in photo contests. Does it sound interesting to you? In this article we have described the steps to host such a contest.

All interesting sources can be used. There are so many different social networks. You should keep linked with the most popular of them in order to attract as much attention to your own Photo Contest as possible. Keep involved in all discussions, engage people to write comments and leave their likes to your posts. There are different ways of rolling the contest. You should select the best one. Before you make the decision of creating photo contest, you should carefully consider its subject, style and the basis parameters. There are variations of contests. You may ask clients to write caption to posts. Also you can ask them to make photos using your services and products. Each of them has its advantages.

You are the owner of the contest and have the right to make your own rules! Never forget about hashtags. Internal activity of Twitter or Instagram users is not possible without hashtags. This source helps us match interests when we are searching numerous posts. If you use it, your fans and followers will be able to track all the entries much easier.
When you make your own photo contest, you should always select the best participant and choose the winner. The next step – use a search box in order to search all the entries with your tag. And final step is to decide who the winner is!

Your winner should be informed immediately! If the measure of your contest is huge, thousands of participants from all parts of the world will participate in it. As a rule, the winner will get in touch with you requiring his prize. Do not hurry to announce the name of the winner. First he must respond to you. If he does not get in contact with you shortly, you should choose an alternative winner. The main responsibility of the organizer of Photo Contest is to deliver the prize to the winner as soon as possible. Happy winner will definitely write positive comments on your page. Such promotional campaigns will help you in creating a trustworthy brand.

When you are done with your first contest, do not stop! It is a really good motivation to keep communicating with your Instagram followers. Who takes part in your contests, likes your photos and writes numerous comments. Contests are perfect tools for engaging new followers and loyal clients.
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