Privacy Policy

Our clients should read the following Privacy Policy carefully. We have established the manner to collect, use, maintain and open the information that has been taken from our users (“User”) of our official website (“Site”) strictly according to Privacy Policy. These manners are applied to all our products and services.

Private data
Every time when our user visits the following website he will be applied to share some of his personal data. We need it in order to identify that you are a real person. In some cases when you make your order, fill the form for buying Instagram services, write comments or testimonials to our website or blog and participate in the rest of activities you may be asked to provide your personal information, such as username, email, the number of your credit card, contact number etc. However it is not a compulsory for users to open their private information. They should decide themselves if they want to provide this information or not. If they do not feel like sharing their data, they have the right to use our website on an anonymous basis. Only in some particular activities, our users cannot refuse providing some identification information.

Non-personal identification information
While cooperating with our clients we collect some non-personal identification information. As a rule it includes the type of computer or other device you use, browser name, means how you connect with our website. We may also ask your internet provider you use, operation system and the rest of similar information.

Use of cookies
Our clients should understand that cookies are small files containing text. They are located on your computer by the web browser you use. As a rule they are applied as a record keeping. They make the cooperation between you and the website much easier as you do not need to fulfill your information every time when you visit the website. If the user prefers to refuse cookies he should set the browser. Otherwise there may be failures on the website.

Why do we collect your data?
There are several purposes:
• We want to personalize the experience of our users. This information allows us to understand and study all the preferences of the users.
• We work hard on improving our website and customer support services. Our representatives collect your information and in such a way increase the level of efficiently while giving responds to most requests of our users.
• Making the process of payment clear. When our client decided to place his order, it means that he is ready to pay for our products and services. It is obvious that we require some of your personal information in order to provide our services safely. You can be sure that your private data will never be shared with third parties. The exception may happen in some very rare cases of necessity.
• Sending our clients emails and updates. We always keep on interacting with our clients and email is the best way to stay connected permanently. We require your valid email address for sending your order information, all our company’s updates and changes in services. Very often we receive users’ requests, inquiries and numerous questions. As a rule we answer all of them via email. Each user has a right to subscribe or unsubscribe to our mailing list, to receive our updates, news of the company, any sales on products or services and the rest of personalized offer that may bring some profit.
• Improving our company’s website. Interests of our clients are our main priority. Our team always improves the quality of social media services. We always appreciate when our users send us opinions, testimonials and various proposals.
• Establishing new features, contests, interesting offers and attractive promo events. We keep on developing and always inform our clients about new updates which they may find quite interesting.

Sharing personal information
User’s personal information can be shared in some particular cases with our business partners who we trust fully and who promote our social media services. User’s private data will never be sent, rented or traded to third parties.

Protection methods of clients’ personal information
All clients’ private information and transactions facts are protected. Any information disclosure is not possible because we use the best technology security. Our professional and highly skillful technologists use storage measures to protect your private data from any access of third parties. Our company exchanges all sensitive information using Secured Communication Channel. This method is very safe because requires electronic signature and encryption of the whole process.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
There can be some updates and changes to the following Privacy Policy. As a rule we locate all the changes and updates on our official website. It is users’ responsibility to check Privacy Policy page every time when they are going to make an order. When a user gives an agreement to our company’s Privacy Policy, the responsibility to review information which is described below is taken automatically.

Terms of use acceptance
Ordering products and services on this website, a user agrees with our Terms of Privacy Policy. If a user cannot agree with any point of our Privacy Policy,it is not recommended to use our website. In such a way a user will avoid misconception. If a user keeps on using the following website, it means that the agreement is taken.

A user should forward us all questions, proposals and requests via email or Contact Form. They all will be considered and responded shortly.
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